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I support school reforms that produce results.  Innovation drives our country's leadership on the world stage. To remain competitive we need a well educated population. Public schools are the backbone of seeing that we remain strong. 

Jobs and Infrastructure

New American jobs rely on our infrastructure being rebuilt. In order for companies to invest in America they need the infrastructure available to transport the people, supplies, and information needed to grow.

Community Policing

As a former member of law enforcement, I know the importance of having the trust of the community.  That is why I support community policing, the smart use of body cameras for law enforcement, and I would always support legislation to provide training for the law enforcement community.

Human Rights

It is the basis of our beginnings as a nation that we all are equal under the law.  We all have "...certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". I support legislation that removes barriers to education, housing, and jobs for all, particularly underserved people.

National Defense and Veterans

Even after the changes by former President Obama, and the great work by the employees of Veteran Affairs, we still see a backlog on our VA system. We are sending soldiers to fight in several fronts and yet we are not providing them the services and support systems they deserve.

The Environment

Climate change is real.  We cannot deny it and we cannot deny that humans contribute largely to it.  It is irresponsible to deny climate change in order to appease Big Coal companies that pollute our air or fracking companies that not just pollute our waters but destroy our properties.  

Foreign Policy

I support a foreign policy that advances the interests of our district and our country.  I am concerned that we have lost our place as the leader of the free world.  Countries like Germany, France, and even China are now leading on international issues and treaties.  

Drug Policy

My kid brother was a victim of the opioid epidemic that is currently hitting our country so hard.   He was just 23 years old when he died in 2012.  I know firsthand the pain and prevalence of this across our country. We need treatment programs and facilities to combat the drug problem in our country. The so called "War on Drugs" has been a disaster.  

Prescription drugs are too easily accessible. This is something we can and must fix. 


If this is the only country you've known, if this is the country you love and have served, then I will fight to let you continue to know, love, serve, and fight for this country.

Tax Policy

I believe if you are blessed by the great wealth and opportunity of this country by working hard or being born into wealth then you should give back by making investments in our police, fire, teachers, and infrastructure. No one got where they are totally alone, we are in this together, and that means we help each other out by giving back our fair share to build the country because when one benefits we all do. 

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