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National Defense and Veterans

Even after the changes by former President Obama, and the great work by the employees of Veteran Affairs, we still see a backlog on our VA system. We are sending soldiers to fight in several fronts and yet we are not providing them the services and support systems they deserve.

We also need a check on the President's powers to declare nuclear attacks and other acts of hostility.  These are not normal times, we are in uncharted territory.  We need a strong democratic house and senate that will keep a check on Trump's erratic behavior.  

This is why I would support legislation to create a system where nuclear attacks would have to be approved not just by the President, but also by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the leaders of our military. I understand that the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief, but that does not mean he or she gets to be the Destroyer in Chief.  

The founders of our country gave the power to declare war to Congress and yet we are at war in several places with no actual declarations.  We need to respect our constitution and bring back a balance of power.  This will honor our soldiers.  It is irresponsible to send them to war zones just because of the desires of an erratic man.

Committee to Elect Daniel Roldán-Johnson
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