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The Environment

Climate change is real.  We cannot deny it and we cannot deny that humans contribute largely to it.  It is irresponsible to deny climate change in order to appease Big Coal companies that pollute our air or fracking companies that not just pollute our waters but destroy our properties.  

I support clean, new, and sustainable energy sources.  Wind, solar, and geothermal are all examples of sustainable fuels that will lead us into the future.  

My 5-point plan for energy reform includes:

1. Change energy subsidy programs. Every year the government provides the oil and gas industry with almost $40 billion in subsidies and the coal industry with $8 billion. By shifting some of that money to renewable energy providers we will be ensuring that the United States leads the way into the energy of the future.

2. Build smart grids that do not rely on one large central producer for energy. Small localized renewable grids connected together like the internet, will lower cost and provide protection from large scale outages. It also allows local control over local resources.

3. Require coal plants to modernize and capture and limit their CO2 emissions. We have communities choking on CO2 emissions and we need to be the country that leads, not the one that follows.

4. Continue to promote efficiency upgrades in appliances, lightbulbs, cars, buildings, and industry. We need to promote local level programs that promote appliance exchanges, where old inefficient appliances are exchanged with new and energy efficient ones. 

5.We must find ways to encourage charging stations and other types of energy promotions.  In our county, McHenry County College has reserved spaces for electrical car charges.  These are small incentives we can create in our district.  

We cannot deny the reality of climate change, and we must find a way to change and promote new business ventures. 

Committee to Elect Daniel Roldán-Johnson
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