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If this is the only country you've known, if this is the only country you've loved and served, then I will fight to let you continue to serve, fight, and love this country.

DACA, or Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals, was a program created by former President Obama to protect people who arrived in this country as minors. It allowed those minors brought here as children, to work and contribute to the United States in an open way.  When Donald Trump decided to stop it, he was making it clear that he does not care about those from families of immigrants that only know the USA as their home.

We are talking about people who arrived as children, who have grown up here and have chosen to serve our country (YES in the military), who have graduated from American high schools and gone on to American colleges. They have no felonies or misdemeanors and have gone through background checks. They have been exemplary members of our communities.  They deserve to be recognized as part of the country they call home, this country.

I support laws that provide the same protections described and presented in President Obama's executive order.  

We should not be a country that separates families.  We always have been a country of immigrants who have made the United States of America a democratic, welcoming, and just society together.


Committee to Elect Daniel Roldán-Johnson
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