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Drug Policy

My kid brother was a victim of the opioid epidemic that is currently hitting our country so hard.   He was just 23 years old when he died in 2012.  I know firsthand the pain and prevalence of this across our country. We need treatment programs and facilities to combat the drug problem in our country. The so called "War on Drugs" has been a disaster.  

Prescription drugs are too easily accessible. This is something we can and must fix. 

I support an increase in the number of rehabilitation programs for drug users and tougher prison penalties for drug sellers and traffickers. I would support a more comprehensive monitoring system for opioids, to make sure our patients are treated well, but also that no one is abusing the system.  It is important for pain management experts to have the tools to assist patients, but we should also be able to stop addiction before it stats. I believe the so called "war on drugs" is ridiculous. It does not stop illegal drug trafficking and only punishes the poor and those addicted.

I support the decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level.  Each state should be allowed to follow their own laws without federal interference.  We should allow local communities to sell, regulate, and tax it. In states where it has been legalized, additional tax revenue has been generated for social and police programs, and it has decreased petty crimes as well as divest the money from gangs into the needs of our communities.

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