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I support school reforms that produce results.  Innovation drives our country's leadership on the world stage. To remain competitive we need a well educated population. Public schools are the backbone of seeing that we remain strong. 

As a teacher I have seen how poor educational policies hurt our children. I support legislation ensuring equity in educational programs and services throughout the 14th district.

My 7 point plan for education

1. Provide schools with technological devices and provide professional development grants to train teachers and administrators on the most innovative ways of using them. 

2. Create mentoring programs starting in middle school that continue through high school to provide kids with accountability and human connection.

3. Provide kids with high quality breakfast and lunch. Promote local food for local schools. 

4. Transform the student loan program by providing students more opportunities to get debt forgiveness through public service.

5. Create connections between secondary schools and community colleges, especially technical programs that can provide high paying steady jobs.  

6. Create second chance programs for At-Risk youth.

7. Reform grant programs to allow schools to use funds as needed for instruction and technology. 

Committee to Elect Daniel Roldán-Johnson
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