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Foreign Policy

I support a foreign policy that advances the interests of our district and our country.  I am concerned that we have lost our place as the leader of the free world.  Countries like Germany, France, and even China are now leading on international issues and treaties.  

While respecting our sovereign rights, we should lead by displaying a commitment to the rule of law and respect for our international commitments. 

I support our international agreements, including the multilateral conversations with rogue nations like North Korean.  I do this while reserving our right to impose further and more restrictive sanctions against them if they do not abide by this barebones agreement.  We will be watching!

I oppose any foreign involvement in our democratic elections and freedom of speech. I fully support the ongoing investigations into Russian election meddling and I believe that if the President fires ANY of the investigators, then he is admitting collusion and obstruction

More importantly: I supportive rights of our citizens in our country. 


Committee to Elect Daniel Roldán-Johnson
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