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Human Rights

It is the basis of our beginnings as a nation that we all are equal under the law.  We all have "...certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". I support legislation that removes barriers to education, housing, and jobs for all, particularly underserved people.

Women's Rights and Family Leave

In terms of women's rights,  I believe that medical issues are sensitive private matters that are best left to a woman, her partner, and the doctor.  Since we are talking about reproductive rights, let me add that I support legislation guaranteeing paid family leave, including maternity/paternity leave, and a tax credit for child care. 

I oppose misogynistic legislation requiring women to pay more for health insurance and would oppose any changes in the Affordable Care Act that would require women to pay more.  

LGBTQ+ Rights

I support legislation that protects LGBTQ+ people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity; including in housing, employment, and services.   I vehemently oppose so called "Freedom of  Religion Laws".  They are just an excuse to find new ways to discriminate and they have NOTHING to do with religious freedom.  As the son of a bishop, the son of a pastor, I cherish the freedom of and from religion. But, when you choose to provide a public good, you must follow the law of the land.

Would you want your doctor to deny you service because they do not agree with your religion, marital status, or race while using their believes as an excuse?  It is easy for people in big cities to say "well, just go somewhere else".  What if that is the only doctor, the only pharmacist, or the only cake maker in your area?

I support the trans community and would oppose any form of an anti-trans bill, including those presented as "bathroom bills", again another form of bigotry.

In conclusion, we are a country built on our differences but kept together by our common understanding of fairness.  As an openly gay man in an interracial same-sex marriage, I am very aware of the discriminations many of us face and I will fight for all of our rights.




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