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Jobs and Infrastructure

New American jobs rely on our infrastructure being rebuilt. In order for companies to invest in America they need the infrastructure available to transport the people, supplies, and information they need to grow.

I support tax breaks for companies that hire and build in America and oppose tax breaks for companies that outsource.  I also support an increase in the number of private-public partnerships between companies and colleges to produce the human capital needed in order to compete in the twenty first century.  

It is not enough to make abstract promises.  Let us get real.  We need our community colleges and other institutions to work closely with industries in the area and make sure we are educating the workforce and preparing future employees.

This is not just about jobs, but about our way of living.  We are the greatest country in the world and yet we live with a decaying infrastructure.  Our roads and bridges are in urgent need of repair and we need the best data connectivity in the world.  

In order to increase middle class living standard higher while at the same time supporting local companies, jobs, and infrastructure, I will support greater investment in data lines, roads, bridges, rail, and airports so we can move the products and people that companies need.  This will make our district stronger.


Committee to Elect Daniel Roldán-Johnson
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